TNT’s Innovative Use Of Twitter To Promote Mob City

Twitter wants to be at the center of the Social TV movement and it looks like some networks are helping out. TNT network has come up with an innovative idea as they are tweeting the script of the first episode of their new series Mob City. They are also using plenty of images and even Vine videos to spice things up.

I took a look at the Twitter stream and it’s kind of fun to read along nearly line by line as the script is reveled. The images were nice, but I will say the Vine videos were annoying. Not because there is anything wrong with the show itself, but that Vine videos in general are annoying. They are 6 seconds in length and loop continuously. I have always maintained that 6 seconds is too short for anything meaningful to happen and here I am proved right again.

The only other problem is you are reading the script backward since Twitter is coming at you in reverse chronological order. While using Twitter is an interesting concept, in reality, because of the way Twitter is structured, it actually doesn’t make good sense for this kind of thing that needs to be read in order. Fortunately there are links that take you to TNT’s’ website where you can read the Tweets in the correct order. Twitter is already fast becoming the new virtual real-time water cooler for TV discussions, and now it can also be a tool for creative TV promotions.

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