Flexible Displays Advance – Key to the Wearable Future

Wearable computing is for real and I think will begin to make an impact later this year. 2015 could be THE year of the wearable. But I think one of the big keys to wearables taking off are flexible displays. The current attempts at watches are still to clunky and square. Google Glass is a bold new take but still with too many disadvantages for mass adoption. I think Google Glass will see some success, however, in certain industries and the medical profession.

As with most things tech, it will be Apple that will break the barrier and show everyone how it’s done. Apple’s wearable will fit on the wrist and be made up of a large flexible display. It will be impossibly cool and like nothing anybody has ever seen. Remember when the iPhone was first announced? Same basic parameters.

Fortunately, flexible displays are advancing as Phillips has made a breakthrough in the mass manufacture of these kind of displays. I would not be surprised to see the Apple wearable use this new process. The next step after that, I believe, will be electronics worked into the fabric of our clothing and after that, we are looking at implantable tech under the skin. I am dreaming of a diabetic implant that will constantly monitor blood sugar levels and excrete the right amount of insulin at just the right time.


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