Cool Tools: Pocket-The Ultimate Read Later App

There is such a flood of information coming at us on a daily basis it can be hard to keep up. There is often not enough time to read through every article on the web as you find them. What is helpful is to store these articles in a “read later” cue where you can come back to them at your leisure. There are several apps that do this but Pocket is my favorite and best of the bunch in my opinion.

Pocket is elegantly designed and a joy to look at and use. Its opts for a magazine style layout with large graphics. It isn’t overloaded with features you don’t need which keeps Pocket simple and easy to use. There are Pocket versions for the web, Android and iOS so no matter where are are, you have access to your articles. In addition, there is a Pocket extension for Google Chrome which makes saving articles super easy. Pocket also enjoys wide support from many of the most popular news reading apps and websites with integrated buttons that let you save articles to Pocket.

So, saving articles to Pocket is easy and nearly ubiquitous but reading article with Pocket is even better. There is a master list, but you can also create your own lists to categorize articles and there is even support for tags, which is my favorite way to organize articles. When you read an article in Pocket, you are given a awesome reading view that eliminates all the advertising and other items on the original website and presents you with just the article itself. You can change font sizes or the background color. You can always go back and read the article on the original website in its original form if you want. There is even a handy content filter which will show you only articles that include video or photos. When you are done reading an article, you can delete, archive, or favorite the article.

If you, like me, find yourself with too many articles to deal with when you are scanning your information sources, try out Pocket to better save, organize, and read them. I have used several other read later apps, and believe me, there is nothing finer than Pocket.

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