Mink Printer Lets You Print Custom Makeup at Home

I love disruptive products. They’re one of the exciting things about our digital world. The Mink printer is a disruptive product that combines dyi and 3d printing to allow girls to literally print their own makeup. I am old enough to remember how cool the first laser printers were, so the things printers are doing now blows my mind.

The printer can print several kinds of makeup from powders to lipstick. Even better, you can send it colors taken from any image or video on the Internet. Find a photo of a Hollywood star wearing a shade you like and you can have that color instantly. The possibilities are endless and the Mink could be a real danger to the traditional makeup business. The overarching goal with many of these disruptive dyi 3d printing products is to make consumers less reliant on factory made products. I assume if you want a makeup with a particular higher quality feature, you can use a higher quality substrate. In fact, maybe that’s how the big makeup brands can deal with this disruption; by offering their own substrates with the special features they offer.

A female friend, who is not in the teenage target market for this product, did point out that one of the advantages of going to a brick and mortar store is you are able to put the makeup on and try it out before you buy. You might like how a color looks in general, but how it will look on you may be different. With the Mink, you have to print it out to find out. Of course, this could lead to a new kind of  “showrooming“. Imagine a girl gong to Sephora and finding the color she likes, then taking a quick cell phone photo of it, and going home to produce the makeup herself. Ouch.

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