The Race for the Internet of Things Begins at Home

I am believer in the Internet of Things, wherein most everything will be connected to the Internet and thereby given a certain intelligence. The tech industry has been talking about this concept for years, but nobody has yet cracked the code. We may see some progress this year, however, if Apple jumps into the home automation market as some expect them to. Apple needs fresh markets to grow and this could be lucrative. Google is also dipping its toe into these waters with the purchase of Nest as well as the rumours of the potential purchase of DropCam. Both Apple and Google have strong cell phone platforms to control all these devices, although I would argue Google has the stronger cloud platform to crunch and organize all the data. But if anyone knows how to create something out of nothing, and make it wildly popular, it’s Apple

The race for the Internet of Things begins at home. Apple and Google will be the early front runners. What I fear is missing is a common technology standard which will lead to at least two different systems, one running on iOS and the other on Android. Since Android is more open than iOS, however, Google could have a strategic advantage.

We are seeing a similar battle play out in the automotive market as Apple moves to get it’s CarPlay technology adopted by major car manufacturers. Google is also moving to get Android technology in cars via the Open Automotive Alliance. Soon car salesmen will be asking, do you want Google with that?

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