Halt and Catch Fire #fail

I last wrote about Halt and Catch Fire on AMC and compared it to a more modern day Man Men for the technology age. As someone who grew up in the time period and who is a geek, I wanted to like this show. But after just two episodes, I can’t stand it, my hopes have been dashed. The show is just so bad, I refuse to watch anymore.

The writing is barely passable and the acting is marginal. What really sinks this show, however, is the complete inability to identify or care about any of the characters. The main protagonist plays a jerk which would be fine if he was like a Steve Jobs jerk that is also brilliant and interesting at the same time. This guy is neither. The other characters, I barely have the breath to write about them, who cares? The plot is slow and boring, even if they do get the technical details right. Guess what? Reverse engineering a computer is actually really boring to watch and all their attempts at drama fail miserably. Add to that, there is no humor of any kind.

It kind of amazes me how a show promoted so hard failed to badly. Did nobody see how bad it really was? This should also put the damper on any other computer or technology show for awhile and maybe that’s a good thing. Still the best thing anyone ever did in telling a technology story was Pirates of Silicon Valley with Noah Wyle of all people. Maybe we should leave it at that.

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