Buffalo Wild Wings Gets Creative with Hashtags and Video

I love good, creative marketing ideas and I love football. Buffalo Wild Wings has successfully combined both. For the NFL  playoffs this year, BWW asked it’s Twitter followers to tweet about the games using a specific hashtag created for the campaign. Then they created some very funny and entertaining videos for social media channels like YouTube and Facebook. The videos were mock sportscasts where the announcers read the tweets verbatim, even the emojis.

I love this because it directly involves fans of the brand and creates very watchable content. Anyone who had their tweet mentioned in the video is going to talk about it on their social networks and their friends are likely to re-tweet or re-post it, increasing the viral spread. The videos are also entertaining enough that many NFL fans in general will re-share it, just as I did. Kudos to Buffalo Wild Wings for an innovative and effective social media campaign. I have included one of the videos below for your enjoyment.


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