McDonald’s Twitter Strategy is Actually….Good

On occasion, I take a look at what certain large corporations are doing on social media. This time, I was looking at McDonalds on Twitter and I was quite surprised. Sometimes, large corporations are so held back by corporate policy and legal departments, they don’t have enough leverage to operate effectively.

I like what McDonald’s is doing on Twitter. It’s light and conversational with no hard sell. Different individuals identify themselves by initials which is terrific for a very large company as they are able to come across in a more personal way that doesn’t sound like it’s coming from a marketing department, even though it probably is, and that’s the real trick. They also make good use of video and images.

If I have a criticism, it’s that they don’t respond much to people tweeting about them. Having a great content strategy is step one, but interacting with people is step two. It hasn’t all been rosy, tough, as there have been some missteps but for the most part, I think McDonalds is doing a pretty good job. Nice article from Digiday on McDonalds social media strategy in general.

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