Is Radio Dead? Ask Disney

Traditional terrestrial radio was a big thing for me growing up. I loved radio and my love is partially responsible for why I became one of the first people to Podcast. But Podcasting, along with streaming media, is becoming the death nail of traditional radio. Look no further than Disney which is shutting down all of its Radio Disney stations except for the Los Angeles station. Disney says most people get their media digitally and only 18 percent of listeners listen to the radio broadcasts live. Disney will continue to invest in Radio Disney on the digital side, including partnerships with SiriusXM and Slacker Radio. They will also focus on the Radio Disney app.

While there is some sadness seeing the decline of terrestrial radio, I commend Disney for identifying the trend and acting accordingly. You can stubbornly hang on to your outdated business model, as some have tried to do and get steamrolled by change, or ride the wave to a bright new future. This is truly a great example of dealing with the disruption that technology and the Internet brings in a graceful way.

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