CWM_Globe-OnlySteve Jobs said Apple lives at the intersection of technology and liberal arts. I must be the guy living just across the street, as I am a blend of technology and communications. They are my twin passions. I am a geek at heart but grew up in an advertising family, so I have one foot in each world. Fortunately for me, technology and business came crashing together in the  form of the Internet.

I have made most of my career on the Internet in one form or another. I have also worked in just about every corporate department including IT, customer service, engineering, corporate communications, and marketing. I am a project manager, troubleshooter, teacher, translator, content creator, and father. Being a parent of three has taught me more about juggling multiple priorities, scheduling, negotiation and grace under pressure than any job could.

I am especially excited right now about content marketing and social media.

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