Using The Power Of OS X Dictation

Because of surgery my left hand is out of commission but I want to blog so what do I do? I'm using the power of Apple's dictation features in its new Mountain Lion operating system to literally … [Read more...]

The Magic Of Scheduled Blog Posting

If you are reading this post on the day it was published, I am at this moment either still in surgery or recovering at home. I have had a tendon problem in my left hand for the better part of a year … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: Have A Content Strategy Or Get Out

News Google Fiber is rolling out in Kansas City and it's one of the most important efforts in a long time. Google is set to shake up the Internet access business which is ripe for the shaking. Main … [Read more...]

Loving Pursuit Horizon

Thanks to Leo Laporte and the Twit network I was introduced to Zach Settewongse and Amanda Pollard. Zach and Amanda are going on one of those awesome epic adventures in life. They quit their jobs, … [Read more...]

Rules For Guest Blogging

One of the ways to extend your brand's reach and gain some valuable back-links to your website is to write a blog post for another blog in your field. Sometimes bloggers may be looking for extra … [Read more...]

Disney Video Is A Winner

File under: Why did this take so long. Disney has released a portal site for kid-friendly video. Obviously, Disney itself has a huge wealth of content to draw from but they also include a nicely … [Read more...]

Beware Too Much SEO: Google Changes The Rules

Many times, when I hear people talking about Internet marketing they are mostly talking about search engine optimization (SEO). Companies are obsessed with search ranking on Google, often ignoring … [Read more...]

Leverage Your Knowledge

Did you realize, one of the greatest strategic advantages for your company is staring your right in the face each day?  It's the knowledge of your employees. You have gone to great trouble to find and … [Read more...]

There Is Nothing Magic About 140 Characters

Actress Kirstie Alley has launched a new social website Phitter which provides a community in which to talk about fitness, health and diet. It's built on a Twitter-like interface allowing "Phits" of … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: I Don’t Have Time

One of the more common things I hear from clients is that they don't have time to do social media. But how much time to you have to marke your business? Guess what, social media is the new marketing. … [Read more...]