A Bold Plan For Amazon Tablets

When Amazon first introduced the Kindle Fire, it was an exciting event in the world of tech. The first 7 inch tablet machine that was actually pretty nice and at a $200 price point. Revolutionary. … [Read more...]

NYC Makes Old Payphones Into HotSpots

When is the last time you used a pay phone? I know, right? The saturation of cell phones among the general citizenry has made the traditional pay phone a solution we no longer need. New York City has … [Read more...]

Tell Great Stories By Listening To Great Stories

I want to make a podcast recommendation today. I talk a lot about storytelling and it's importance in content marketing. Nobody  wants  to be sold to anymore, nobody wants to be pitched. The current … [Read more...]

The Internet: The Worlds Largest Referral Network

What's the best way to gain a new customer? Many smart business people will say through a referral. Referral business is great business because you have been pre-qualified, vetted by the person … [Read more...]

iHop Does Customer Engagement Right

When my wife points something out to me on social media I take notice. She is not a geek like me at all. She is technically savvy sure, but more like a typical consumer in her behavior, thus I can … [Read more...]

Social Media Rules At Olympics – Athletes Revolt

Because of the massive sponsorship dollars attached to the Olympics, the IOC has created all kinds of rules about which and how companies can be represented at the games. One rule, which is getting … [Read more...]

Amazon.com Is Not Awesome

I am reading this book by Scott Stratten The Book of Business Awesome/The Book of Business UnAwesome which is about the things companies can do to be awesome. It includes ideas about customer service … [Read more...]

Twitter Revolutionizing The Porn Business

The adult industry has always been at the forefront of technology and now porn stars are all over social media, especially Twitter. But this is no joke; they use using social media as a business tool, … [Read more...]

50 Shades Of Grey – From Fan Fiction To Fame

The salacious novel 50 Shades of Grey is taking the world by storm, but other than creating the so called "mommy porn" revolution, this is a story of the triumph of citizen media. What you may not … [Read more...]

Next Issue Ties To Be The Netflix Of Magazines

The translation of magazines to digital format has been a bumpy ride so far. We've seen technologies like Zinio do a pretty decent job. Apple has probably come closest with it's Newsstand app on iPad. … [Read more...]