SMS Jeans – Are You Kidding Me?!

This one, I almost can't believe. A French company is selling jeans that you can send a text message to with your cell phone. Where does the message appear, on your butt of course. Can I sell that … [Read more...]

Cell Phone Web Servers

Nokia has announced that they have ported the Apache webserver to their Symbian OS that runs most of their cell phones. So, you can have a web server on your cell phone. Nokia has some ideas on what … [Read more...]

Myspace Goes Mobile

Myspace has agreements with Cingular and Helio to movie the social network service onto cell phones. Helio cell phones come preloaded with special Myspace applications and Cingular customers can get … [Read more...]

Disrupting The Disrupters

Cell phones are disrupting the common phone companies are more people are using cell phones at home as their primary phone and not taking regular phone service. Now the cell companies are being … [Read more...]

Cell Phones For The Elderly – Brilliant

Motorola has a new patent for a cell phone for the elderly. Amazingly enough I am in the market for just such a phone. Too bad I need to buy one tomorrow. My dad has been very sick lately and is in a … [Read more...]

Microsoft Anywhere Gaming – A Good Idea

Microsoft announced their anywhere gaming initiative at this years E3 conference. This is a very cool idea that extends the on-line components of the Xbox 360 game console to the PC itself as well as … [Read more...]