Roger Ebert, Social Media and Me

RIP Roger Ebert I discovered Roger Ebert a long time ago when I was just a kid. Siskel and Ebert had recently started, back then on PBS stations. It was a small show only a small number of people … [Read more...]

No Resolutions

I hate New Years resolutions. I get the sentiment and the intention but the whole thing always seems contrived. That being said, here are some things I would like to work on this year Writing: The … [Read more...]

Wunder Radio iOS App For Radio Lovers

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite mobile apps, Wunder Radio. I have a long standing love affair with radio, which is funny because I rarely listen to it anymore, at least not in the … [Read more...]

All Business Is Social

In todays world, in the way that all politics is local, we can say all business is social; and personal. You are going to notice a different touch here on the blog as I move to include more … [Read more...]

An Ode To Podcasters And Podcasting

There is a private Facebook group that has been created for old time podcasters, those of us from the earliest days of the medium. We have been reliving the old days and sharing artifacts from the … [Read more...]

Creative Art Is A Beautiful Thing

My daughter loves, no, is obsessed with the band One Direction. I am, let's say, not. However, The Piano Guys are back with a cover of the song "What Makes You Beautiful" and it's amazing. They are so … [Read more...]

Loving Pursuit Horizon

Thanks to Leo Laporte and the Twit network I was introduced to Zach Settewongse and Amanda Pollard. Zach and Amanda are going on one of those awesome epic adventures in life. They quit their jobs, … [Read more...]

Toys R Us Rewards (NOT!)

I have a serious problem with rewards programs that don't pay off. The most serious offender I have found yet is Toys R Us. It was the supermarkets who largely started the modern rewards program. Let … [Read more...]

Comcast: The Worst Company In The World

Ok, maybe that's a bit bombastic, but it's probably not far off based on what I have been through with Comcast in the past week. We moved yet again. We're still here in the greater Portland area but … [Read more...]

McDonalds Reduces Fries In Happy Meals

Thank you McDonalds. As a parent, it's very difficult to avoid a little McDonalds now and then. We  have reduced our visits quite a bit, but sometimes there's no avoiding it. McDonalds announced today … [Read more...]