My Trucker Fantasy

For the longest time I have had a fantasy about being a trucker. Exploring the country in a strangely solitary yet connected community of brethren truckers. I'm sure its not as romantic in real life … [Read more...]

Three Times A Daddy: Introducing Christopher

They say the third time is a charm. On Feb 8 I became a father for the third time. It's long past due to introduce Christopher Jacobs. His birth and the days after are already chronicled in a recent … [Read more...]

Climbing Through The Nine Layers Of Hell

We've had a pretty interesting week and a half. The labor and delivery of Christopher was crazy enough. 36hrs for the whole thing which included incorrect doses of petocin, a bag of water that didn't … [Read more...]

Saccharin Not Dangerous but it Still Tastes Like S*it

After more than 20 years the sugar substitute Saccharin has been declared no longer a hazardous substance by the EPA. Saccharin was one of the first artificial sugars to be developed and found its way … [Read more...]