Lazy Ramadi

In true social/citizen media form, one of many videos that take off from the original "Lazy Sunday" skit originally broadcast on Saturday Night Live. NBC has taken down the original video … [Read more...]

Love For The Scobleizer From A Network Of Friends

I have been following the dramatic story of Robert Scoble's mother. She has congestive heart failure and has also had a massive stroke. She is in very critical condition in the hospital. I … [Read more...]

On-line Gaming For PS/3

Sony gave a sneak peak into their on-line gaming plans this week. Called "Launch Pad", the service will allow users to connect with a variety of Sony on-line games like EverQuest and Star … [Read more...]

Microsoft Anywhere Gaming – A Good Idea

Microsoft announced their anywhere gaming initiative at this years E3 conference. This is a very cool idea that extends the on-line components of the Xbox 360 game console to the PC itself as well as … [Read more...]