Obama Shows How to Control a Meme

Last month, during the hot and heavy negotiations on the Sequester budget cuts, President Obama made a bit of a faux pas when he said "The fact that they don't take it means that I should somehow do a … [Read more...]

Blue Nessie – Might Be Best Budget Podcast Mic

I'm an old school podcaster, among the fist generation to ever launch a show. In all those years, I have used many different microphones and setups. You can spend anywhere between $99 and $400 for a … [Read more...]

Follow the Social Media Golden Rule

Facebook recently released its Social Graph Search. Despite its horrible name, its a very powerful search engine for Facebook. Already privacy advocates and others are freaking out due to the very … [Read more...]

What Bugs Me About Vine

I think I figured out what bugs me so much about Vine, the new social video app  from twitter. Some people are comparing it to Instagram and someone on the recent TWIT podcast said we should think of … [Read more...]

Hashtag Tips

Hashtags are an interesting social media phenomenon. They were started by Twitter users as a way to more easily classify posts of a similar topic or idea. Hashtags really took off with Twitter search … [Read more...]

Twitter Launches Vine. Attention Spans Shrink to 6 Seconds

People have been trying to create the "Twitter for video" for years now with little success. Seesmic was the first that I remember. Others like Social Cam and Viddy have tried as well. One of my … [Read more...]

Google+ Communities Show Promise

As far as social networks go, Google+ has been lagging behind Twitter and Facebook ever since it's inception. Because it is from Google and is being more tightly integrated into other Google services, … [Read more...]

Facebook Redux

I am having more fun on Facebook these days than any other social network. There is a deep sense of personal satisfaction I have not found on Twitter or Google+. There has always been a different set … [Read more...]

All Business Is Social

In todays world, in the way that all politics is local, we can say all business is social; and personal. You are going to notice a different touch here on the blog as I move to include more … [Read more...]

Social Media Customer Service Done Right

Many people think of social media primarily as a marketing tool, but one of the big secrets is it's power as a customer service vehicle. Unlike traditional media, social media is a two way street. … [Read more...]