Blue Nessie – Might Be Best Budget Podcast Mic

I'm an old school podcaster, among the fist generation to ever launch a show. In all those years, I have used many different microphones and setups. You can spend anywhere between $99 and $400 for a … [Read more...]

From Personal Computing To Convenience Computing

The evidence and data are becoming clear, tablets are now outselling laptops and it indicates a switch to what I am calling convenience computing. Utility Computing or work computing is what we do … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Next Big Thing – Wearable Computing

In technology we are often looking for the "next big thing" and I am ready to make a prediction on what that is. I think it's wearable computing. This is not a brand new concept and variations of it … [Read more...]

Avis Buys Zipcar – Smart Expansion of Business

What do you do when your business is being disintermediated? Buy into the disintermediation. Car sharing is an idea pioneered by Zipcar that could threaten the car rental market. Traditionally … [Read more...]

Google Chromebook Finally Makes Sense at $250

Google has been playing with their Chromebook concept for a few years with little success, but now, a new release of a super thin machine at a price of $250 is finally the right combination of price … [Read more...]

An Ode To Podcasters And Podcasting

There is a private Facebook group that has been created for old time podcasters, those of us from the earliest days of the medium. We have been reliving the old days and sharing artifacts from the … [Read more...]

Why New Toys R Us Tablet Is A Great Play

One of the things many people quickly realized when they got their first iPad was that kids love it, even babies. There is something inherently appealing and easy about interacting with a computer … [Read more...]

H+ The Digital Series is Television 2.0

There is a great new show on that you should be watching, especially if you are a fan of sci-fi called H+. But it's not on any traditional network, it's on YouTube. This is a full blown production … [Read more...]

A Paid For Social Network?

Twitter and Facebook are the big two when it comes to social networks as they hold the largest number of users. But as for profit companies, they also wield complete control over their technologies. … [Read more...]

Screens Continue To Invade Our Lives

Screen, screen, everywhere a screen. The first screen was our traditional television. Then, we got one on our desktop via the desktop computer. Now, we have additional screens in our lap and in our … [Read more...]