Social Media Morning Show 12/11/07

Talk about how social networks will become social platforms in 2008. Links referenced: http://www.linkedin.comMobile post sent by davidjacobs using Utterz.  Replies.  mp3 … [Read more...]

Social Media Morning Show 12/5/07

Topic: Coworking and the new world of work Links referenced on this show: Jelly Coworking Coworking Blog Listen To The Show! … [Read more...]

The Connected World 13

On this podcast, I talk about kids and technology, specifically related to my experience with my daughter. I explore what it means that kids are getting so involved in online virtual worlds like Club … [Read more...]

The Connected World 12

This is the relaunch of The Connected World Podcast. Here I recount the story of how I got from my discovery of technology and my original Apple II to where I am today, striving for a career in new … [Read more...]

CBS Aims to Spread Web Content

It's a very encouraging day as CBS figures out how to be effective on the Internet. The network will spread its content over 400 sites by the fall. "CBS is al about open, nonexclusive partnerships," … [Read more...]

Do Advertisers Make Good TV Writers?

File this under bad ideas. Destined to fail. ABC will produce a TV series based on the caveman last seen in the Geico insurance company commercials. "Cavemen" will revolve around three pre-historic … [Read more...]

Bittorrent Video Store Launching

After several years of toiling Bittorrent is finally releasing something productive. Bittorrent is the latest P2P file sharing technology giving the music and movie business headaches. But unlike many … [Read more...]

ABC/Disney Says Internet TV Works

By far the most groundbreaking network when it comes to new media and the Internet, Disney/ABC is reporting that it's experiment in delivering TV content on their website via a streaming player has … [Read more...]

Netflix Streaming Video Service

I used to be a Netflix subscriber, but canceled last year. I like the idea, but I never seemed to have the right movie at the right time. Sometimes you have an urge to see a particular movie but after … [Read more...] – Boo Hiss

I was following a link on Google News to an article on about Microsoft and RSS. On the page was a video player that started playing video with sound right after the page loaded. I have … [Read more...]