Advertising Supported Video Heats Up

ABC has had great success lately streaming tv shows with advertising support. Now Google is getting into the game. A few prominant advertisers like Pepsi and Hewlet-Packard are already on board. … [Read more...]

Seth Rocks!

Whenever someone asks me about search engine marketing or search engine optimization, I always tell them its great but there is so much more to on-line marketing than that. Seth Godin nails it. … [Read more...]

Hurray For Pearl Jam

Rock group Pearl Jam have released their latest video for free download under a creative commons license. Great to see a major music act embracing the creative commons license. Now if they would only … [Read more...]

Television 2.0

Steve Rubel agrees with me. Or am I agreeing with Steve. Either way, more and more people are seeing the future as I do with television being transformed into an on-demand, subscription Internet … [Read more...]

About Connected World

This blog is about all the things that most interest me in the computer and technology world. I have always loved media; radio, tv, magazines and the like. Now with the new world of digital and … [Read more...]