The Real-Time Internet vs. The Old School Olympics

NBC has been getting hammered on its Olympics coverage this year. It's so bad there is even a Twitter hashtag, #nbcfail. Mostly this controversy has revolved around NBC holding back showing the most … [Read more...]

Dish Network Vs AMC: Everybody Is Going To Lose

Dish Network is at war with AMC and DirectTV is at war with Viacom and . Customers loose because they will not have access to some of their favorite shows. They will be forced into paying yet more … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: Use Video To Humanize Business

News: In a somewhat unusual move, has bought a mapping company. Main Topic: McDonalds has recently used YouTube video to great effect, going behind the scenes and being transparent about … [Read more...]

The Evolution Of Television And The Second Screen

Television is evolving in many ways and directions at once. Content is becoming available on digital and mobile services and there is a new concept called the "Second Screen". This simply refers to … [Read more...]

Behind The Scenes At McDonald’s – Outstanding Transparency

One of the most exciting and humanizing things a large company can do is bring us behind the scenes and show us how things are really done. McDonalds of Canada has a YouTube channel that does just … [Read more...]

The State of Change in Television

Earlier I brought you the story of Dish Network's battle with the television industry over commercial skipping and Dish chief Charlie Ergan's contention that "television needs to change." Well, here … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Gets Social Media

Initially I was struck with the title of the article, "McDonald's exec: 'You don't control ' social media. Indeed, McDonald's director of social media Rick Wion did say when referring to social … [Read more...]

Dish Ad Hopper Causes Rumblings Across The TV Landscape

Satellite provider Dish Network recently released their newest DVR set top box and it comes with one feature that has sent shockwaves through the television industry. Aut0-Hop is an ad skipping … [Read more...]

OoVoo Finds New Life On Facebook

When it was first released, video chat company OoVoo thought it was going to be a better version of Skype. Indeed OoVoo does offer many features Skype does not, but OoVoo never had the gas to overcome … [Read more...]

I’m Calling It: Groupon Sitcom Will Be DOA

I wish I knew why Hollywood always thinks these things are good ideas. CBS is moving forward with a new sitcom based on the Internet coupon company Groupon. I'm sure they think it will be The Office … [Read more...]