The Communal Inauguration

Despite claims to the contrary, new media does not herald the death of old media, not necessarily. When done right, new media can greatly enhance old media. Case in point was the job CNN and Facebook … [Read more...]

Gary Vaynerchuck – Professor of New Media

Gary is one of the preeminent people in the New Media world. If you aren't watching his videos and following him on Twitter, you should. The teachings in this video alone are staggering. Watch it and … [Read more...]

Seesmic Video WordPress Plugin

Seesmic is already an interesting video platform but this new WordPress plugin takes things to the next level. … [Read more...]

Blockbuster’s Online Play

Blockbuster is taking the only logical step left to save it's business. As I wrote about already, the online film rental market is not there yet and the opportunity is open for someone to take the … [Read more...]