Social Media Consulting


We provide real results oriented consulting that gets to the bottom line of your business. We love social media but we also know that business is still business. This is why we apply old fashioned business strategy to social marketing to drive tangible results for your business. Some of the elements of our Social Media Consulting include:

Blog Development

One of the most effective ways to drive a content marketing strategy is with a blog. The blog could be called the cornerstone of social media and is one of it’s oldest forms. A blog is one of the best ways to improve your SEO and is also one of the best forms with which to tell you story. Connected World Media will help you configure and design your blog as well as give advice as to cotent and audience.

Social Media Profiles

While content is important in social media platforms, so is your profile. Surprisingly, we find many social media profiles less than strategic. People make decisions about you and your company based on your profile so it is important to spend effort making your profile everything it needs to be. Connected World Media not only helps you get the most out of your profile, but also advises on strategic following.

Content Marketing

The marketing world has been rapidly changing the past few years. There is a move from traditional advertising to content marketing. This kind of marketing is interested more in storytelling and adding significant value than push selling. Content marketing could be a blog or a podcast or a video show on YouTube. Connected World Media helps companies develop a sound content marketing strategy and can even provide production capability when it comes to things like a podcast.


The goal of all this social media marketing is engagement. When you have engagement you have permission; permission to enter into a conversation with your audience. You also gain the most valuable asset of all, attention. It is from engagement that trust is built and from that comes sales. Connected World Media helps develop content and strategies that provide the best chance for engagement.