Podcast Production


Connected World Media offers a complete line of podcast production services to help individuals and businesses create and manage high quality content. Podcasting can be one of the more effective content marketing mediums and with our pre and post production experience we can help launch a podcast from soup to nuts.

Initial Setup

We will help determine a budget if you don’t already have one and work within that budget to choose the right hardware, software and audio equipment to meet your needs. We will help you determine the best place to record and if needed, retrofit the room to better accommodate optimal recording. We will setup and configure your blog site for the podcast and help you choose and modify a theme that matches your internal brand. We also setup and configure your RSS feed. Your podcast will be included in the iTunes store and be available from  your website as well.

Show Planning

We work with you and your key stakeholders to create a show plan including things like show length, hosts, format, topics and timing. Should your show include interviews, remote recording, or video? All this and more will be determined in show planning. We can work with any internal marketing, pr or executive departments to help integrate the show into your existing branding and marketing values.

Post Production

This includes everything that happens after recording is completed. Audio editing for content or length, fixing any audio problems and adding music or sound effects if the show is not produced live. Compression and final mastering of the audio file is the final step before uploading and writing show notes. Post production also verifies the RSS feed is updated correctly and the new show is being distributed properly.