The Social Business Platform


This is the foundation upon which your social business rests. It isn’t so much like constructing a building so much as it is like building a campfire. You’ll need some good dry kindling and some larger pieces of wood that will burn longer. When you put that together carefully with the right amount of oxygen flowing through you will have a nice, warm fire around which people will gather, tell stories, and enjoy intimate company. This is what we want to help build for your businesses. This is what will set you far apart from your competition.


The platform consists of a few components but at the core is your website. Without a strong central website powering everything, much of the social meda work you will do will not pay off. We believe it is your website that will gain you the leads and sales you want. Social media outposts are effective engagement points and can bring people to your website. So your website must deliver, it must tell your story and be a place where people will come to like and trust you.

Social Media

Social media platforms are another important element of the Social Business Platform. Before they get to your website, this is where your audience is. Your potential customers, partners, suppliers, future employees, ect. Like Ariel sings in The Little Mermaid, you have to “be where the people are.” There are many elements to working in the new social media world. Social media has it’s own special rules and mores. If you’re not skilled in this diplomacy, you could hurt yourself as much as help. Additionally, each social media platform has it’s own particular demographics and norms. Connected World Media has experience in all major social media platforms and will help you understand which ones best suit you and how to develop a content strategy for each.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the third major component of the Social Business Platform. Content marketing is, among other things, the art of not selling. The main goal of content marketing is to add value. By adding massive amounts of value to someones life or business you develop a reciprocity. Also developed is a like and a trust and those are the key ingredient to a sale. The old business rule that people prefer do to business with those they like and trust is as true today as it ever was. Content marketing can come in various forms including text, audio and video. Connected World Media will help you determine which forms are right for your business and your prospective clients. We also build a complete content strategy and can even produce or co-produce audio and video podcasts.


Think of your website at the center and your social media outposts surrounding it. Now the key is to tie them all together and automate processes where needed. In this stage we bring it all together, tying everything to everything else. We also have some great automation tools as part of out Social Media Toolbox that will do things like update all your social media outposts when you post a new blog article. This step is all about creating your own web of content.


Engagement is the pixie dust that is spread over the top of the entire platform. It is magical and powerful when used correctly. We are in an age where people have been over-marketed. The current and future generation are sick of being talked at and they are too familiar with all the traditional marketing tricks. They are looking for something different. They are looking for a human voice, an authentic voice. A voice they can talk to and who will respond to them without looking for something in return. Engagement is the trickiest part of the Social Business Platform because it goes against everything typically taught in business school. Companies are geared to act and think like efficient machines. Now, in the connected age, you will have to start thinking and acting like a human being.