Social Business Review


The Social Business Review is a complete rundown of your current social business platform. It includes the following aspects:


We take a close look at your website as it is the core of a strong social business platform. Without a website that delivers everything else you do in social media is going to suffer. We look at the overall look and feel of your site. Is it professional and clean? Does your site clearly communicate your brand, does it tell your story? Can people easily find the important information they may be looking for? Does your site meet your intended business goals? These and many other factors are evaluated

Social Media Presence

We look next at your current social media accounts. Where do you have accounts and are the profiles optimized? What kind of content and interaction are you producing on these channels? Are there any links between your website and your social media outposts? We will evaluate your podcast and/or blog if you have one.


We take a look at your competition as best we can determine it and your industry in general. We look at their websites, their social media accounts and anything else we can find. Do they have a podcast? A newsletter? We are looking here for opportunities and threats. In these early days of social business, more than not we find great opportunities for the businesses we work with to make significant leaps ahead of their competition online. With the Internet being the next great marketing battlefield, you will hold a big advantage over your competition.


We produce a report that is yours to keep which includes the results of our analysis. The report will outline all the problems and opportunities in your business online. We will identify areas for improvement and specific ideas for addressing those issues. We point to holes in your strategy and show you places where you may have a big opportunity to do something great. As with everything else, we back it up with a solid, specific idea of how to take advantage of that opportunity. You are going to end up with a report that gives you a nice snapshot of your current online situation as well as concrete ways to improve it. We also provide a prioritization of issues/solutions as not everything can always be done all at once. Of course we would like the opportunity to work with you on the solutions but ultimately the report is yours are you are free to do with it what you want.

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