Social Media Toolbox



The only thing constant about social media is change. Each week, new tools, technologies and platforms are invented that enhance the social business landscape. We track the flow and have put together what we think is the best set tools, technologies and platforms into what we call our Social Media Toolbox.


As we define in our Social Business Platform, your website is the core element in any Social Business strategy. We use WordPress as the platform that runs all our websites. What is great about WordPres is that it builds websites based on a content management system. A content management system or CMS keeps all the content of a website in a database rather than flat files. Further, a CMS is based on common templates and generates a website dynamically as each page is requested. What this does for you as a business owner is allow you to more easily update and control your own website. We don’t believe you should have to make a phone call every time you want to update an image on your site and then pay each time you make a small change. Connected World Media trains you and your key staff on using WordPress so you can be self-sufficient on a day to day basis. Of course we are always right there for you when you’re ready to tackle the next big challenge with your website.

Themes and Plug-Ins

Another great thing about WordPress is that it’s supported by a huge user community that builds wonderful add-ons to it’s open environment. Themes are the overall layout and color of your website. Using pre-built themes gets you up and running fast but can still be modified for a unique look and feel. We only use professionally build themes rather than the many free themes available. Professionally built themes do cost money but not as much as you might think and they provide far greater value in terms of stability, performance and search engine optimization.

Plug-Ins are additional software that can be added to WordPress that provide valuable features. We use a set of plug-ins that have performed well for us over the years and we think are invaluable to running your website. Some of our plug-ins provide enhanced SEO, integrate social networks and even automatically reformat your website for mobile devices.

Web Services

There are a number of other web services we employ to even further enhance your Social Business Platform. Some of these include: email marketing, scheduled social media updates, legal image repositories, analytics, and podcast management services.

This is the set of tools, technologies and platforms we have currently put together but of course the list is always changing as we find new and better ways of doing things. In addition, if your business requires a special need, we are very good at finding a solution to fit that need.