Don’t Get Too Excited About Drone Delivery

Jeff Bezos, CEO of made a big splash last week when he talked about the possibility of arial drones delivering packages from Apparently, Amazon does have some prototypes they … [Read more...]

A Bold Plan For Amazon Tablets

When Amazon first introduced the Kindle Fire, it was an exciting event in the world of tech. The first 7 inch tablet machine that was actually pretty nice and at a $200 price point. Revolutionary. … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: Use Video To Humanize Business

News: In a somewhat unusual move, has bought a mapping company. Main Topic: McDonalds has recently used YouTube video to great effect, going behind the scenes and being transparent about … [Read more...]

Goodbye Neighborhood Video Rental Store

It used to be we had small neighborhood mom and pop video rental stores. That gave way to the large, big box, mega retailers like Hollywood Video and Blockbuster. Hollywood Video is in Chapter 11 and … [Read more...]

Comic Books and the iPad

I've been saying this for awhile now, comic books on the Apple iPad are a massive opportunity. The large color screen is perfect for this kind of content. I would even argue that it's a big strategic … [Read more...]

Digital Books and Digital Music: Parallel Futures? has scored it's first big win in securing exclusive electronic rights to publish Stephen Covey's popular business title 7 Habits of Highly Successful People on the Amazon Kindle. As ebook … [Read more...]

Big Step for Amazon – Kindle on iPhone

When Amazon introduced the new Kindle 2 ebook reader, somewhat overlooked was what may end up being the most important announcement of all, that Amazon was looking to put the Kindle technology on … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: Kindle 2 vs. Author Guild

The Kindle 2 is a wondrous device and possibly the savior for the publishing industry. But the Authors Guild is making a stink over a new text to speach feature. Does it really infringe on audio books … [Read more...]

Social Media Morning Show 1/16/08

All the major record labels are now offering non-DRM music, but they are using not iTunes as their platform. What does it mean for Apple? Listen To The Show!   … [Read more...]