Time Warner Plays Hardball with Web TV Initiatives

Why the broader entertainment industry cannot learn from the steaming hunk of rubble that is the music industry I do not understand. The music industry was the first to be effected by the new digital … [Read more...]

Amazon and the Decline of the E-Reader

It's no surprise traditional black and white eReaders like the Amazon Kindle are starting to take a serious hit as the popularity of full function tablets rise. Amazon's Kindle application runs on all … [Read more...]

Amazon.com Is Not Awesome

I am reading this book by Scott Stratten The Book of Business Awesome/The Book of Business UnAwesome which is about the things companies can do to be awesome. It includes ideas about customer service … [Read more...]

Social Business Report – July 9

On this weeks show: Tablet Wars: The new battle at 7 inches is on Cloud Dependency - Amazon cloud goes down taking several prominent websites with it. Twitter cracks down on their API. Will they … [Read more...]

Social Business Report – June 29

Welcome to the new Social Business Report show. This video show is available on YouTube and Vimeo as well as the website here. The show is a weekly roundup of social business news. On this weeks … [Read more...]

The State of Change in Television

Earlier I brought you the story of Dish Network's battle with the television industry over commercial skipping and Dish chief Charlie Ergan's contention that "television needs to change." Well, here … [Read more...]

The Corporate Enterprise Cloud War Heats Up

Until now, the majority of cloud computing services has been focused on the consumer. Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive among the many available services. There are also cloud backup and applications. … [Read more...]

Data is King in the Connected World

I love my Amazon Kindle and so do a lot of other people. Amazon just announced for their top 10 books, Kindle versions are outselling print editions by more than 2 to 1. One of  the reasons I love the … [Read more...]

A Connected World TV From Vizio

No, it's not my new video podcast, but an actual hdtv from Vizio with build in wifi networking. The so-called digital convergence has been talked about for years, but here is the first product I have … [Read more...]