Acer Chromebook R13 – The Future of Chromebooks

Welcome back to the Chromebook Chronicles. So much has happened since we last talked. Chromebooks are doing well and have grown in acceptance as a traditional laptop alternative. This is especially … [Read more...]

Connected Age Radio – Operating Systems for the Connected Age

Welcome back to the Podcast. On today's show, I ramble about operating systems in the Connected Age. What is the status of the old stalwarts Windows and Mac OSX in the light of Android and iOS? How … [Read more...]

What’s the Perfect Size Phone?

How important was it for Apple to increase the screen size of the iPhone? The new iPhone 6 is out today and lines are longer than they have been for years. There are plenty of other great features, … [Read more...]

Apple Kills It With Opening iOS 8

I think Apple has been coasting since Steve Jobs died, trying to find themselves. One of the things Jobs told now CEO Tim Cook was to not think about what Steve Jobs would do but to do what Cook … [Read more...]

At WWDC Apple Continues Desktop Dominance While Playing Catchup on Mobile

At its World Wide Developers Conference yesterday, Apple showed off it's newest operating systems for the desktop and mobile. I'm not going to go into the details of features or benefits of anything … [Read more...]

Newsweek Goes All Digital in 2013

Newsweek is cutting the cord. After 80 years of print publishing the newsmagazine will stop it's print edition in 2013 and be available exclusively in digital format. I think it's  a great move and I … [Read more...]

Screens Continue To Invade Our Lives

Screen, screen, everywhere a screen. The first screen was our traditional television. Then, we got one on our desktop via the desktop computer. Now, we have additional screens in our lap and in our … [Read more...]

Google Understands It’s Not A Hardware Company

This may seem a strange thing to say with Google announcing the Nexus 7 tablet, Google Q and showing a flashy demo of Google Glass last week at Google I/O but stay with me. By point of contrast, look … [Read more...]

How Big Is Too Big – Android Pushes The Limits With Nexus Prime

So, very interesting news today from Apple, as they take a half step with the new iPhone 4S instead of a more complete redesign of the hardware. The only thing I wonder about is the screen size. I … [Read more...]

Why I Am Going Back To The iPhone

I primarily changed from an iPhone to an Android phone two years ago not because I disliked the iPhone but to get away from AT&T and their terrible network. Now, my contract with Verizon is up and … [Read more...]