What is Your Passion?

I read, listen and watch a great deal of content about success, business, marketing and new media. What I hear over and over again is you will be most successful pursuing your passion. This is … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: The Business of YouTube

It turns out YouTube is more than just skateboarding dogs and people falling down stairs. Business is being transacted, but you must treat your customers with respect and engage them on the new … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: Brand Yourself or Your Business?

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Connected World Radio: New Media Listening Posts

The first and most important lesson to learn about new media is to listen. Listen and learn how things work before you jump in. At the very least, do some brand monitoring to discover what is being … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio 1-5-09

A little housekeeping as I talk about some changes for the new year. First, a new website with more emphasis on the blog. Second, this very podcast is now called Connected World Radio. I mention two … [Read more...]