Social Media Customer Service Done Right

Many people think of social media primarily as a marketing tool, but one of the big secrets is it's power as a customer service vehicle. Unlike traditional media, social media is a two way street. … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: Social Media Is Not A Cure All

News: NBC and Facebook team up for a big social media Olympics. Main Topic: As wonderful as social media is, it cannot fix a systemic problem inside your company. Social media will, in fact, expose … [Read more...]

Comcast: The Worst Company In The World

Ok, maybe that's a bit bombastic, but it's probably not far off based on what I have been through with Comcast in the past week. We moved yet again. We're still here in the greater Portland area but … [Read more...]

How Not To Do Business By AT&T

They're one of the worlds largest and richest companies, and they have no idea about the most fundamental principles of business. Oh they think they know; it's on their wall somewhere, buried in some … [Read more...]