Ello, Paid Social Networks and Marketing

Last week a new rage hit the Internet in the new social network site Ello. Reports were invite requests to join the site were poring in at 40,000 an hour. Interestingly, it's not any set of new … [Read more...]

The Current State of Social Networks

A few things have gotten me thinking about the current state of all the social networks I am a member of. Let's take them one at a time. Twitter I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. … [Read more...]

Amazon and the Decline of the E-Reader

It's no surprise traditional black and white eReaders like the Amazon Kindle are starting to take a serious hit as the popularity of full function tablets rise. Amazon's Kindle application runs on all … [Read more...]

Follow the Social Media Golden Rule

Facebook recently released its Social Graph Search. Despite its horrible name, its a very powerful search engine for Facebook. Already privacy advocates and others are freaking out due to the very … [Read more...]

Google+ Communities Show Promise

As far as social networks go, Google+ has been lagging behind Twitter and Facebook ever since it's inception. Because it is from Google and is being more tightly integrated into other Google services, … [Read more...]

Facebook Redux

I am having more fun on Facebook these days than any other social network. There is a deep sense of personal satisfaction I have not found on Twitter or Google+. There has always been a different set … [Read more...]

A Paid For Social Network?

Twitter and Facebook are the big two when it comes to social networks as they hold the largest number of users. But as for profit companies, they also wield complete control over their technologies. … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: Have A Content Strategy Or Get Out

News Google Fiber is rolling out in Kansas City and it's one of the most important efforts in a long time. Google is set to shake up the Internet access business which is ripe for the shaking. Main … [Read more...]

Don’t Short Change Your Social Media Profiles

One of the common and key components of all social networks is the profile. I see too many people and even brands not using the profile to it's fullest capability. The profile is important because it … [Read more...]

Social Business Report July 20

On this weeks Social Business Report: DirectTV makes up with Viacom but Dish is still at war with AMC digg.com is purchased and looks to make a reappearance New study shows 33% of people trust … [Read more...]