Chipoltle Most Ambitious Video Project Yet

Mexican chain restaurant Chipoltle has been aggressive and bold with their content marketing strategy in the past several years. They have clearly defined a brand strategy focusing on fresh … [Read more...]

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse and the Death of TV

I learn much of what I know about the future of media from my kids. I live with two crystal balls and if you look closely enough, you can indeed see the future. What I am seeing lately is both my … [Read more...]

Hulu, Boxee and the Future of Internet TV

Hulu is the newest and best place on the Internet to watch TV programs, but they are pulling out of the innovative Boxee software service that runs on PC, Mac and Apple TV. What it all means for … [Read more...]

What ever happened to Joost?

It's never a good thing to have a story about your company begin with "Whatever happened to..." but in this case I have to ask it. When Joost launched in beta it was the hottest thing going. Everyone … [Read more...]