Microsoft Gets Smart in Opening Office

Among the bigger problems Microsoft has had over the years is being very insular and proprietary. Their idea of "getting" the Internet was creating a web browser and buying Skype. But their core apps, … [Read more...]

Ford Brings Cars To The Internet Of Things

For the past several years Ford has been outdoing every other car company in regard to in-car technology. Their Sync program brings together navigation, entertainment and information in a slick voice … [Read more...]

The Coming Bandwidth Explosion

It's been building for years, and now it appears we are nearing a tipping point that will result in a massive explosion in Internet traffic. A great article here from Ars Technica about how the Net … [Read more...]

Wither Yahoo

I'm an old school internet guy. I remember the days well before Google when Yahoo was king. Yahoo was the first major big time Internet success story. Now, so many years later another Yahoo CEO is … [Read more...]

The Great 3D TV Scam

A recent study indicates most of the American public is not interested in buying a 3D television. This is no surprise to me as I have always thought 3D television is indicative of a greedy industry … [Read more...]