At Sears, New Tech Does Not Equal Improved Customer Experience

I buy many of my products at Sears, especially in the home improvement category. They have a good selection, prices and an easy no hassle return policy. Recently, however, Sears has instituted a … [Read more...]

Google Chromebook Finally Makes Sense at $250

Google has been playing with their Chromebook concept for a few years with little success, but now, a new release of a super thin machine at a price of $250 is finally the right combination of price … [Read more...]

Newsweek Goes All Digital in 2013

Newsweek is cutting the cord. After 80 years of print publishing the newsmagazine will stop it's print edition in 2013 and be available exclusively in digital format. I think it's  a great move and I … [Read more...]

Why New Toys R Us Tablet Is A Great Play

One of the things many people quickly realized when they got their first iPad was that kids love it, even babies. There is something inherently appealing and easy about interacting with a computer … [Read more...]

Screens Continue To Invade Our Lives

Screen, screen, everywhere a screen. The first screen was our traditional television. Then, we got one on our desktop via the desktop computer. Now, we have additional screens in our lap and in our … [Read more...]

I Don’t Get Microsoft Surface

After being on the mat for so many years, I would actually like to see Microsoft do something interesting in the computing space again. This Surface tablet they came out with this week, though, I just … [Read more...]

Apple Looks At Multi-User Support For iOS

Anyone with a family or a pesky significant other knows multi-user support is an absolute must for iOS devices like the iPad. We have one iPad in the family and it's shared among at least three … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: Post-PC Era

Welcome back to Connected World Radio! We are back and will be on a weekly schedule. The show will also have a loose format consisting of social media news, a tip and a tool. I always want the … [Read more...]

Surprise! Apple is a Mobile Device Company

In case you hadn't noticed, Apple isn't really a computer company anymore. Remember when they changed their name from Apple Computer to just Apple? Now a recent report says 70% of their revenue is non … [Read more...]

Barnes & Noble Almost Pull Off A Gutsy Marketing Move

"Missed it by that much...." - Maxwell Smart (Agent 99) When I saw the headline, "Barnes and Noble offers 30 free e-books to switch to Nook" I thought, oh yeah, now we're talking. When you are … [Read more...]