When Phablets Are The New Normal

It's hard to believe, but the original iPhone sported a 3.5" display when it launched. At that time it was far and away the largest screen ever put on a phone. Today that's very small, even by Apple … [Read more...]

Apple’s Big Mea Culpa On Maps

Now that the initial hoopla of the iPhone 5 introduction has died down, we can settle in and take a good look at how things are going for the platform. All things considered, it looks like another … [Read more...]

Managing Expectations And The Apple Syndrome

We would all be so lucky to have Apple's problem. That our products are so outrageously popular, expectations for the next product reaches impossible heights. Apple released the iPhone 5 yesterday and … [Read more...]

The Internet: The Worlds Largest Referral Network

What's the best way to gain a new customer? Many smart business people will say through a referral. Referral business is great business because you have been pre-qualified, vetted by the person … [Read more...]

Google Understands It’s Not A Hardware Company

This may seem a strange thing to say with Google announcing the Nexus 7 tablet, Google Q and showing a flashy demo of Google Glass last week at Google I/O but stay with me. By point of contrast, look … [Read more...]

Yelp Gets A Power Boost From Apple

I have always maintained Yelp is one of the most important resources for businesses who have a very local focus such as contractors and other service industries. Now, it's even more important as Apple … [Read more...]

How Big Is Too Big – Android Pushes The Limits With Nexus Prime

So, very interesting news today from Apple, as they take a half step with the new iPhone 4S instead of a more complete redesign of the hardware. The only thing I wonder about is the screen size. I … [Read more...]

Surprise! Apple is a Mobile Device Company

In case you hadn't noticed, Apple isn't really a computer company anymore. Remember when they changed their name from Apple Computer to just Apple? Now a recent report says 70% of their revenue is non … [Read more...]

Why I Am Going Back To The iPhone

I primarily changed from an iPhone to an Android phone two years ago not because I disliked the iPhone but to get away from AT&T and their terrible network. Now, my contract with Verizon is up and … [Read more...]

The App Bubble

I well remember the first Internet Bubble. Companies were being formed right and left. You could get millions of dollars of funding for quite literally an idea scratched out on the back of the napkin. … [Read more...]