Goodbye Neighborhood Video Rental Store

It used to be we had small neighborhood mom and pop video rental stores. That gave way to the large, big box, mega retailers like Hollywood Video and Blockbuster. Hollywood Video is in Chapter 11 and … [Read more...]

Cheap Trick Talks New Marketing

Cheap Trick is a band that had it's heyday back in the late 70's and 80's, but it has found a way to stay relavant in todays world despite monumental changes in the music business. While other older … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: Generational Tech

Technology is very generational and different generations take different things for granted. I ruminate about my own technology firsts and those of my daughters. My youngest will be of the Connected … [Read more...]

Social Media Morning Show 8-22-08

Audi publishes an iPhone application for their A4 car and it's a complete failure. Listen To The Show! … [Read more...]

Blockbuster’s Online Play

Blockbuster is taking the only logical step left to save it's business. As I wrote about already, the online film rental market is not there yet and the opportunity is open for someone to take the … [Read more...]

Netflix and Apple TV – Great and Flawed

As a movie lover, I love  my Netflix subscription. I can get practically any movie ever made including many indie ones that never show near me. I pay one simple monthly fee and can watch as many … [Read more...]

Social Media Morning Show 1/16/08

All the major record labels are now offering non-DRM music, but they are using not iTunes as their platform. What does it mean for Apple? Listen To The Show!   … [Read more...]