McDonald’s Twitter Strategy is Actually….Good

On occasion, I take a look at what certain large corporations are doing on social media. This time, I was looking at McDonalds on Twitter and I was quite surprised. Sometimes, large corporations are … [Read more...]

PayPal Hooks Up With McDonalds For Mobile Payments

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Connected World Radio: Use Video To Humanize Business

News: In a somewhat unusual move, has bought a mapping company. Main Topic: McDonalds has recently used YouTube video to great effect, going behind the scenes and being transparent about … [Read more...]

Behind The Scenes At McDonald’s – Outstanding Transparency

One of the most exciting and humanizing things a large company can do is bring us behind the scenes and show us how things are really done. McDonalds of Canada has a YouTube channel that does just … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Gets Social Media

Initially I was struck with the title of the article, "McDonald's exec: 'You don't control ' social media. Indeed, McDonald's director of social media Rick Wion did say when referring to social … [Read more...]

McDonalds Reduces Fries In Happy Meals

Thank you McDonalds. As a parent, it's very difficult to avoid a little McDonalds now and then. We  have reduced our visits quite a bit, but sometimes there's no avoiding it. McDonalds announced today … [Read more...]