Microsoft Gets Smart in Opening Office

Among the bigger problems Microsoft has had over the years is being very insular and proprietary. Their idea of "getting" the Internet was creating a web browser and buying Skype. But their core apps, … [Read more...]

At WWDC Apple Continues Desktop Dominance While Playing Catchup on Mobile

At its World Wide Developers Conference yesterday, Apple showed off it's newest operating systems for the desktop and mobile. I'm not going to go into the details of features or benefits of anything … [Read more...]

Google is the Most Exciting Company in the World

I read a great article breaking down the recent Google I/O developers conference and what it means to the larger computing world and to Google itself. The article contends, and I agree, that Google … [Read more...]

The Corporate Enterprise Cloud War Heats Up

Until now, the majority of cloud computing services has been focused on the consumer. Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive among the many available services. There are also cloud backup and applications. … [Read more...]

I Don’t Get Microsoft Surface

After being on the mat for so many years, I would actually like to see Microsoft do something interesting in the computing space again. This Surface tablet they came out with this week, though, I just … [Read more...]

Beware Windows 8 On The Desktop

Microsoft Windows 8 is nearing release with a new preview release going live. Windows 8 is Microsofts bold plan to bring the Windows OS into the future. There is a new version of the Internet Explorer … [Read more...]

Steve Jobs: Mortal

No sooner do I blog about Steve Jobs and Apple than the other show drops and Jobs himself announces a leave of absence until June. If speculation wasn't already running wild, it's gone completely … [Read more...]

Flight To Open Source

Weather it's attributable to a fear of Google Open Social or increasingly savvy executives there is a real movement to open up social network platforms. Facebook has been the hottest network of late … [Read more...]

Google Android is Coming

According to reports T-Mobile will be first out of the gate with mobile phones based on the new Google Android specification. I am excited to see what becomes of this and I hope Android phones are … [Read more...]

Why is Goggle “unnerved” by MicroHoo

Google's Sergey Brin is freaked out by the proposed merger of Yahoo and Microsoft. Why? Partly Google is trying to trough as much cold water as they can on the deal. Having two weak competitors … [Read more...]