The Real-Time Internet vs. The Old School Olympics

NBC has been getting hammered on its Olympics coverage this year. It's so bad there is even a Twitter hashtag, #nbcfail. Mostly this controversy has revolved around NBC holding back showing the most … [Read more...]

Social Business Report July 20

On this weeks Social Business Report: DirectTV makes up with Viacom but Dish is still at war with AMC is purchased and looks to make a reappearance New study shows 33% of people trust … [Read more...]

Pam Am, The Playboy Club And The Death Of Creativity In Television

Two new television programs getting big pushes this fall are ABC's Pan Am and NBC's The Playboy Club. ABC especially is promoting the hell out of Pan Am. Both these shows are period pieces and direct, … [Read more...]

When Companies Cannot Admit Failure

NBC took a big gamble when they moved Jay Leno to primetime and it obviously hasn't worked out. Now they are canceling the prime time show and contemplating putting him back to late night, which … [Read more...]