Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse and the Death of TV

I learn much of what I know about the future of media from my kids. I live with two crystal balls and if you look closely enough, you can indeed see the future. What I am seeing lately is both my … [Read more...]

Time Warner Plays Hardball with Web TV Initiatives

Why the broader entertainment industry cannot learn from the steaming hunk of rubble that is the music industry I do not understand. The music industry was the first to be effected by the new digital … [Read more...]

Next Issue Ties To Be The Netflix Of Magazines

The translation of magazines to digital format has been a bumpy ride so far. We've seen technologies like Zinio do a pretty decent job. Apple has probably come closest with it's Newsstand app on iPad. … [Read more...]

The State of Change in Television

Earlier I brought you the story of Dish Network's battle with the television industry over commercial skipping and Dish chief Charlie Ergan's contention that "television needs to change." Well, here … [Read more...]

Netflix Dreams Of A Future Not Quite Here Yet

On-line movie rental service Netflix today announced it is changing its pricing plans for customers. Now customers will generally have to choose either an online only streaming plan for their movie … [Read more...]

Netflix New Streaming Only Plan

Netflix recently changed up its DVD rental options, singling a shift away from physical DVD's and toward streaming of content. There is now a streaming only option for only $7.99 a month. Normal DVD … [Read more...]

A Connected World TV From Vizio

No, it's not my new video podcast, but an actual hdtv from Vizio with build in wifi networking. The so-called digital convergence has been talked about for years, but here is the first product I have … [Read more...]

Blockbuster’s Online Play

Blockbuster is taking the only logical step left to save it's business. As I wrote about already, the online film rental market is not there yet and the opportunity is open for someone to take the … [Read more...]

Netflix and Apple TV – Great and Flawed

As a movie lover, I love  my Netflix subscription. I can get practically any movie ever made including many indie ones that never show near me. I pay one simple monthly fee and can watch as many … [Read more...]