Obama Shows How to Control a Meme

Last month, during the hot and heavy negotiations on the Sequester budget cuts, President Obama made a bit of a faux pas when he said "The fact that they don't take it means that I should somehow do a … [Read more...]

Ty Blows It

Ty, the toy company responsible for the Beanie Baby madness maybe showing is desperation in the shameless marketing of its two new dolls. Two African American dolls named Sasha and Malia. It just so … [Read more...]

New Media President

Interesting news hitting today about the conditions inside the Whitehouse for the Obama team move in. Technologically the Bush administration was not completely up to speed. Obama staffers have found … [Read more...]

The Communal Inauguration

Despite claims to the contrary, new media does not herald the death of old media, not necessarily. When done right, new media can greatly enhance old media. Case in point was the job CNN and Facebook … [Read more...]

Social Media Morning 12-9-08

The Obama transition has setup the website Change.gov and it's a shining example of how social media will be used in the new administration. Listen To The Show! … [Read more...]

Social Media Morning 12-01-08

Will the Obama presidency continue the social media breakthroughs seen in the campaign? Listen To The Show! … [Read more...]

Social Media Morning 10-06-08

The new Obama 08 iPhone app is amazing and a real political tool. Also, two twitter stories: CNN uses twitter very effectively and ABC uses twitter to launch it's new show, Life On Mars. Listen To … [Read more...]

Obama iPhone App is Brilliant

The Obama campaign for president released today an application for the iPhone that is simply brilliant. It's a free download from the Apple iTunes store. Not only is the application beautifully … [Read more...]