Blue Nessie – Might Be Best Budget Podcast Mic

I'm an old school podcaster, among the fist generation to ever launch a show. In all those years, I have used many different microphones and setups. You can spend anywhere between $99 and $400 for a … [Read more...]

Jim Ladd and the Glory Days of FM Radio

I was twirling 'round the satellite radio dial, looking for something interesting when I happened upon a familiar voice. This was a voice from the past that I had not heard in a long time. It was the … [Read more...]

An Ode To Podcasters And Podcasting

There is a private Facebook group that has been created for old time podcasters, those of us from the earliest days of the medium. We have been reliving the old days and sharing artifacts from the … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: Podcasting

News: The Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit is producing some amazing insight into the inner working of Apple. Main Topoic: Podcasting. Should you podcast? Do you have to have a great voice? What makes a … [Read more...]

Apple Podcast App vs Downcast

The great uncoupling of iTunes continues with the releae of Apple's podcast app, a standalone iOS application for subscribing and listening to podcasts. Usually you would do this in iTunes but lately … [Read more...]

Independent Media: Podiobooks

I am a big supporter of indie media of all forms. It is the primary reason I started my podcast Rock and Roll Jew Show; to highlight and support indie music, especially from Israel. I have also been a … [Read more...]

Connected World TV #1

Here is the debut show for Connected World TV. When I have something more visual to share, I will use the video medium. It also gives me the chance to experiment and learn more about online video. … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio 1-5-09

A little housekeeping as I talk about some changes for the new year. First, a new website with more emphasis on the blog. Second, this very podcast is now called Connected World Radio. I mention two … [Read more...]