Don’t Get Too Excited About Drone Delivery

Jeff Bezos, CEO of made a big splash last week when he talked about the possibility of arial drones delivering packages from Apparently, Amazon does have some prototypes they … [Read more...]

Ikea Re-Invents The Catalog With Augmented Reality

I love Ikea. Inexpensive, utilitarian furniture and products for just about everyone. And those meatballs, yummy. The iconic Ikea catalog as well is a giant book of wonders. For 2013 Ikea has taken … [Read more...]

Pinterest Driving Significant E-Commerce Action

Pinterest is the hot social network of the moment. More than just a pretty face, however, new data suggest Pinterest is driving some significant e-commerce traffic, outdoing even the mighty … [Read more...]

Toys R Us Rewards (NOT!)

I have a serious problem with rewards programs that don't pay off. The most serious offender I have found yet is Toys R Us. It was the supermarkets who largely started the modern rewards program. Let … [Read more...]