The Internet: The Worlds Largest Referral Network

What's the best way to gain a new customer? Many smart business people will say through a referral. Referral business is great business because you have been pre-qualified, vetted by the person … [Read more...]

Verizon Jumps Into The Connected Car Game

We talked before about Ford and the Internet of Things, now Verizon is putting together a collective of car companies to also push forward the idea of the Connected Car. This marks the first time a … [Read more...]

Yelp Gets A Power Boost From Apple

I have always maintained Yelp is one of the most important resources for businesses who have a very local focus such as contractors and other service industries. Now, it's even more important as Apple … [Read more...]

The Secret Of Apple Televisions

It's been a rumor for years and years that Apple is building a televisi0n. Finally, with the new Walter Isacson biography on Steve Jobs, we have a hint that Apple has indeed been hard at work. "I'd … [Read more...]