Even Prisons Can Be Hacked Now

Here is a somewhat disturbing but not surprising story about hacking vulnerabilities of modern prisons. It turns out some prisons use the same technology that was recently hacked in Iran. The same … [Read more...]

Kids and Ease of Use in Technology

Any parent with kids probably realizes this, but kids are incredibly savvy with technology. They have no fear or preconceptions about anything, so they are willing to jump in and try anything. It's … [Read more...]

Connected World TV: 2010 Trends

Sorry, I'm a little late posting this one, but here are the 2010 technology trends as I see them. Quicktime Version … [Read more...]

What is Your Passion?

I read, listen and watch a great deal of content about success, business, marketing and new media. What I hear over and over again is you will be most successful pursuing your passion. This is … [Read more...]

New Media President

Interesting news hitting today about the conditions inside the Whitehouse for the Obama team move in. Technologically the Bush administration was not completely up to speed. Obama staffers have found … [Read more...]

Connected World Radio: Generational Tech

Technology is very generational and different generations take different things for granted. I ruminate about my own technology firsts and those of my daughters. My youngest will be of the Connected … [Read more...]