Why I Want To Leave Netflix

I've been a really long subscriber to Netflix and I love them. They innovated the DVD by mail industry and relieved us all the sorry errand of going to Blockbuster. The number of movies they have … [Read more...]

Honesty is a Social Media Pillar

There are a few fundamental pillars upon which social media sits; honesty is one of them. No, this isn't your fathers marketing. I was reading an interesting article in the New York Times about how … [Read more...]

Essential New Media Books

I just finished reading a fantastic new media book called Groundswell that I am considering to be an essential new media business book. That got me thinking about other essential titles. So here they … [Read more...]

Universal Music – Caught In It’s Own Bear Trap

In the ongoing saga of dumb entertainment companies doing dumb things online, Universal Music Group has a new page on it's website for a new Eminem single they are promoting. There is a link on this … [Read more...]