Halt and Catch Fire – Mad Men of 80’s Tech?

Whenever there is a show or movie based on a technology plot, I get worried. Many times these shows are done poorly. Either they dumb everything down so the regular non-geek viewer can understand and … [Read more...]

Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse and the Death of TV

I learn much of what I know about the future of media from my kids. I live with two crystal balls and if you look closely enough, you can indeed see the future. What I am seeing lately is both my … [Read more...]

YouTube Set to Introduce Paid Subscriptions

When Google bought YouTube for a billion and a half dollars back in 2006, some thought it was foolhardy. Surely the major content players would come crashing down on YouTube for copyright violations … [Read more...]

H+ The Digital Series is Television 2.0

There is a great new show on that you should be watching, especially if you are a fan of sci-fi called H+. But it's not on any traditional network, it's on YouTube. This is a full blown production … [Read more...]

Screens Continue To Invade Our Lives

Screen, screen, everywhere a screen. The first screen was our traditional television. Then, we got one on our desktop via the desktop computer. Now, we have additional screens in our lap and in our … [Read more...]

The Evolution Of Television And The Second Screen

Television is evolving in many ways and directions at once. Content is becoming available on digital and mobile services and there is a new concept called the "Second Screen". This simply refers to … [Read more...]

Dish Ad Hopper Causes Rumblings Across The TV Landscape

Satellite¬†provider Dish Network recently released their newest DVR set top box and it comes with one feature that has sent shockwaves through the television industry. Aut0-Hop is an ad skipping … [Read more...]

I’m Calling It: Groupon Sitcom Will Be DOA

I wish I knew why Hollywood always thinks these things are good ideas. CBS is moving forward with a new sitcom based on the Internet coupon company Groupon. I'm sure they think it will be The Office … [Read more...]

Reality TV Comes To Silicon Valley

The television landscape is awash in reality tv as it has been for years. Just when you think you've seen it all, Bravo is bringing it's brand of "reality" to Silicon Valley. A new show to be called … [Read more...]

Hulu, Boxee and the Future of Internet TV

Hulu is the newest and best place on the Internet to watch TV programs, but they are pulling out of the innovative Boxee software service that runs on PC, Mac and Apple TV. What it all means for … [Read more...]