Verizon Jumps Into The Connected Car Game

We talked before about Ford and the Internet of Things, now Verizon is putting together a collective of car companies to also push forward the idea of the Connected Car. This marks the first time a … [Read more...]

Wireless Companies Desire To Soak Customers Does Not Help Market

If there is an industry more monopolistic and greedy than the oil industry, it's the wireless industry. Despite record profits, Verizon and AT&T are looking for even more ways to increase their … [Read more...]

Why I Am Going Back To The iPhone

I primarily changed from an iPhone to an Android phone two years ago not because I disliked the iPhone but to get away from AT&T and their terrible network. Now, my contract with Verizon is up and … [Read more...]

Apple, Verizon, LTE and the iPhone

File part of this story firmly in the rumor category, but it does give us an interesting look at the future of mobile communications. Currently the world is split between two main wireless cellular … [Read more...]